Telmo Rodriguez Al-Muvedre Tinto Monastrell (Spain)

Telmo Rodriguez Al-Muvedre Tinto Monastrell (Spain)

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This wine is a remarkably fresh expression of Monastrell from Alicante, Spain. Monastrell has varying aliases depending on where you are in the world, in France being known as Mourvedre. This reveals the meaning of 'Al-Muvedre': Alicante + Mourvedre. The grape is often described as meaty, rich, black-fruit driven and full-bodied. Al-Muvedre possesses all this flavour, however with a gentler touch, maintaining elegance and balanced acidity. Think dried figs on the palate and a floral nose, with tobacco spice peeking through on the finish. Yum!

Crafted by rock star winemaker, Telmo Rodriguez, this 100% Monastrell is produced using organically grown grapes from Spain's southeast coast. This is an extremely warm, arid climate, with temperatures averaging 35C in summer, and with only up yo 75cm of rain per year. This makes Al-Muvedre's fresh structural balance a far meaner feat! Moderating climate influences do help the cause, however, including the altitude of the vineyards, and vines with extremely deep roots to locate water sources. The grapes are hand harvested and fermented with native yeasts in stainless steel and aged in the same tanks for 6-8 months prior to bottling.

Pair this wine with barbecued pulled pork/oyster mushrooms, venison burgers or beef ribs.

About this wine

Country: Spain

Region: Alicante

Wine type: Red Wine



  • Monastrell

ABV: 13.5%

Vegan: Yes

Organic: Yes

Natural: No

  • Monastrell
  • Spain
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