Sivipa Moscatel de Setubal (Portugal)

Sivipa Moscatel de Setubal (Portugal)

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The future is bright – the future is orange! This delicious sweet wine boasts the flavours and aromas of dried fruit, caramel, spices, and especially orange peel. It has a classic, sweet marmalade flavour, and works well with both desserts and chesses.

Sivipa is the company name for all the wines produced by the Cordoso family, the vineyards are distributed between siblings and cousins as inheritance from previous generations.  The main winery, Quinta do Piloto is in Palmela and is one of the only few producing Moscatel Roxo as a varietal wine.

Described as an entry-level fortified wine but this is so much more. There’s dried fruit, caramel, spices, florals and especially citrus orange peel. Sensational wine!

About this wine

Country: Portugal

Region: Peninsula de Setubal

Wine type: Dessert Wine

Vintage: 2018


ABV: 17.0%

Vegan: Yes

Organic: No

Natural: No

  • 2018
  • Portugal
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