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Montecalvo Falanghina (Italy)

Montecalvo Falanghina (Italy)

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Drink like an ancient Roman with this wonderfully historic crisp Italian white! The beautiful Falanghina grown on the fertile volcanic soils just outside of Pompeii will win you over with its balanced lemon, fresh apple, and pineapple flavours. This is zesty and light, with a refreshing finish that makes it truly dangerously drinkable!

Falanghina, said to be the 'fine wine of Ancient Rome', has been widely celebrated in the wine-lovers world for centuries. Famously listed on the earliest known wine menu excavated at Pompeii, this is a wine with bags of history. Montecalvo is a large cooperative of around 1,000 members, founded in 1960 and focusing on getting the best out of the fantastic local grape varieties.

Refreshing and juicy with a hint of minerality, it pairs perfectly with Aubergine Parmigiana, gnocchi, or Caprese salad. Raise a glass and savour every sip!

About this wine

Country: Italy

Region: Campania

Wine type: White Wine

Vintage: 2022


ABV: 12.5%

Vegan: Yes


Natural: No

  • 2022
  • Italy
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