Drappier Carte d'Or (France)

Drappier Carte d'Or (France)

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This is Cork of the North’s House Champagne – and we are delighted to sell the Drappier family’s beautiful wines, both on our shop shelves and in our bar, where we pour them by the glass.

Carte D’Or has a seductive nose with red fruits and white peach. The rich palate showing further spicy notes and has a lovely textured mouthfeel.

Champagne Drappier was the very first House to be certified Carbon Neutral (EcoAct, 2016).

For instance, they have stopped using any fossil fuels energy on the estate but instead produce their own electricity thanks to solar panels. In the vineyards, Champagne Drappier focuses on sustainable and organic viticulture practices such as growing grass between the rows and weeding with a pick instead of using chemical products.

The story of Champagne Drappier started in 1808 with François – descendant of Rémy Drappier, a cloth merchant from Reims – who settled in Urville and bought a small patch of vineyard.

After decades of selling grapes to the négoce, the Drappier family was born as a Champagne House when André started to bottle his own wines in 1947.

In 1979, his son Michel graduated then joined the estate. Through years of hard work, he set the House’s philosophy and distinctive style while putting the Drappier name of the map.

While remaining closely involved, Michel Drappier has now handed over the House to his three children who are pursuing and enhancing their father’s work.

This Champagne is highly drinkable on its own, but will pair with seafood, white meat or vegetarian appetisers.

About this wine

Country: France

Region: Urville, Champagne

Wine type: Sparkling Wine



  • Petit Meunier
  • Pinot Noir
  • Chardonnay

ABV: 12.0%

Vegan: Yes

Organic: Yes

Natural: No

  • Petit Meunier, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay
  • France
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