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'Departement 11' Blanquette de Limoux (France)

'Departement 11' Blanquette de Limoux (France)

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This is a fabulous, fresh fizz – and outstanding value. This sparkler has a fresh, green apple flavour and is lovely and soft in the mouth. This doesn’t have the strong acidity of Champagne, so is VERY easy to drink. Our best-selling sparkling wine, by a country mile.

This Blanquette de Limoux is a low-dosage traditional sparkling wine with crisp green apple and pear flavours and a taut acid streak. The extra brut style amplifies the natural aromas whilst retaining the refreshing acidity.

This wine is made by our friend Liam Steevenson MW. 'Département' is the story of French wine in numbers, a collection of wines that deliver an outstanding example of a regions best work. Number 11 is an outstanding example of the sparkling wines produced in the 11th département, Limoux with only 3 grams of sugar per bottle.

About this wine

Country: France

Region: Limoux

Wine type: Sparkling Wine



ABV: 12.0%

Vegan: Yes

Organic: No

Natural: No

  • France
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