Alpha Box and Dice 'Realismo' Pét-nat (Australia)

Alpha Box and Dice 'Realismo' Pét-nat (Australia)

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This lovely Pinot Meunier Pét-nat is a party in a glass! Pinot Meunier is the cheekiest child of the Champagne trinity, in this instance used on its own to produce a wine with a gorgeous raspberry jewel tone. This sparkling wine has notes of strawberries and cream, raspberry lollies and delicate pink flowers! It is clean, zippy and fresh with a lovely, creamy, mousse and refreshing weight.

Realismo is wild-fermented in stainless steel and made in the 'Pét-nat style', bottled to finish its fermentation in bottle, providing the bubbles. This is the oldest method of making sparkling wine!

Alpha Box & Dice was formed in 2008 around a project to construct a different wine style to represent every letter of the alphabet. Each member of the ‘Alphabet of Wine’ has its own unique personality that fulfils a different purpose, all linked by a commitment to  minimal intervention and vegan-friendly methods. These are wines that truly have the capacity to inspire, delight and surprise!

Pair this wine with sunshine and charcuterie!

About this wine

Country: Australia

Region: Barossa Valley

Wine type: Sparkling Wine



  • Petit Meunier

ABV: 12.2%

Vegan: Yes

Organic: No

Natural: Yes

  • Petit Meunier
  • Australia
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