Villa Raiano Greco di Tufo (Italy)

Villa Raiano Greco di Tufo (Italy)

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A wonderful introduction to Greco- such an underrated grape! A beautifully dry Italian white packed full of aromatic white flower, anise, and lime flavours. It's delightfully pithy with grapefruit and pear notes. The finish is truly mouthwatering and will leave you going back for sip after sip!

Villa Raiano have proved themselves to be one of Greco's finest exponents. Believed to have originated in Greece, this is one of Italy's finest white grape varieties, whose style belies its southern origin - taut, textured, and concentrated.

A perfectly delicious wine for drinking on its own due to its wonderful freshness, or pair with seafood, grilled fish, or vegetable risotto to set your tastebuds alight!


About this wine

Country: Italy

Region: Campania

Wine type: White Wine

Vintage: 2022


  • Greco

ABV: 13.0%

Vegan: Yes


Natural: No

  • 2022
  • Greco
  • Italy
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