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Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde (Portugal)

Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde (Portugal)

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Anyone for an alcoholic Appletiser?

This all-time staff and customer favourite is thirst quenching and invigorating with a delicate spritz. Simply, all the peachiness and summery satisfaction you could ever ask from a Vinho Verde.

Vinho Verde is a region located at Portugal's most Northwesterly point. This climate is cooler and wetter than elsewhere in Portugal, producing refreshing, energetic wines which reflect this terroir. A slight fizzy effervescence is characteristic of the region's white wines, and blending a variety of local grapes is common. The region spans from the Minho river on the Spanish border to the Douro river to the south.

This wine can always be paired with seafood, and is delectable with Portugese salt cod stew. Also try with blue cheese, or tacos with mango salsa.

About this wine

Country: Portugal

Region: Minho

Wine type: White Wine



  • Arinto

ABV: 11.5%

Vegan: Yes



  • Arinto
  • Portugal
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